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Welcome to the home of Norwest Gas Heating, NSW distributors of full range Parasol Gas Heaters and Outdoor Heaters.

Norwest Gas Outdoor Heating Australia can supply you with a range of outdoor gas heating options to suit your outdoor heating requirements, including a complete installation service using our own fully licensed outdoor heater installers.

We are the official NSW Distributor and we supply outdoor gas heaters to both the retail and wholesale markets, so if you're a home owner who wants to buy outdoor heaters, or wants to find an outdoor heater supplier or heater installer in NSW, we'll look after you.

Sydney Outdoor heaters will allow you to take control of your environment thru the ways that we know best. We have dependable outdoor heating solutions like SunPhase, Sunpak, and many more for your home or commercial establishments.

Find out more about our outdoor heating range and Sydney outdoor gas heaters, including SunPhase, SUNPAK and Ozglow heaters.

Keep your outdoor entertainment and dining areas warm throughout the year with Sydney Outdoor Heating

Outdoor Heaters

Outdoor heating is an effective solution to enhance quality of living no matter what the season is. Norwest Gas Outdoor Heating offers top of the line outdoor heating products that will suit your needs.


Ozglow outdoor heaters are available in classic stainless steel finish. These outdoor heaters are built to last, and provide you and your guests with warmth and comfort within a 5-metre circle. Our Ozglow outdoor heaters include -

OzGlow outdoor heaters Model F40

Model F40

OzGlow outdoor hanging heater Model HE40

Model HE40


OzGlow free standing outdoor heater Model SP40

Model SP40
outdoor Heater

Four outdoor heating models are available to ensure maximum flexibility in outdoor patio design. All outdoor gas heating products have stainless steel burner heads and are AGA approved, while the portable (P40) and semi-portable (SP40) outdoor heaters have the added safety of a tilt switch which shuts the pilot & burner off should the outdoor heater be knocked over.

If convenience counts, there is the HE40 outdoor heater model, which is the only electronically operated outdoor heater in Australia and can be turned on or off at the flick of a conveniently located switch.

All of our outdoor heaters come with a 12-month domestic or 90-day commercial limited warranty, and are fully serviceable with readily available parts if required. Delivery of Outdoor Heaters is available throughout Australia and overseas.

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Please scroll down to see photographs of our Sydney Outdoor Gas Heaters in action.

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Example of Sydney Outdoor Heaters

Sydney Outdoor Heating, this is an example of outside heating at a cafe.
Model HE40 - Hanging parasol heater ('J' arm)

OZGLOW HE40 Hanging Patio Heater

The suspended gas heater; model HE40 outdoor heater will warm the patio while leaving the floor free of obstruction.

Features of Ozglow Patio Outdoor Heater:

  • 40 mj/hr input rating
  • 100% safety control
  • Available with 24 volt control
  • Corrosion resistant construction
  • AGA approved
  • Attractive hanging frame

The HE40 model is an outdoor gas heater which is designed to be hung at the ceiling. It is the only Australian manufactured electronically operated patio heater in Australia and can be turned on/off at the at the flick of a conveniently located switch, eliminating the need to climb ladders just to switch your outdoor heater on!

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Sydney outside heater, another example of outdoor heat solutions Model HE40 - Hanging parasol heater (Straight arm)


Also available ..

SP40 Semi-Portable Patio Heater

These classic stainless steel finish outdoor heaters were designed to last a lifetime. SP40 Semi-Portable Patio Heater is a durable and stylish outdoor gas heating equipment will add beauty to the outdoor environment while ensuring comfort for those who are within its 5-metre circle reach.

For a completely portable appliance, the SP40 Free Standing outdoor heater can be set up outside almost anywhere.

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SunPhase - Infra-Red Gas Heating

For a completely portable appliance, the SP40 Free Standing outdoor heater can be set up outside almost anywhere.

SunPhase Outdoor heating

Features of Sun Phase Infrared Outdoor Gas Heating:

  • The SunPhase Wall Mount offers the commercial/ industrial and outdoor domestic markets a number of significant design features.
  • Simple installation with wall plate fixing and removable mounting bracket.
  • Accessories include a stainless steel outer case kit.
  • Electronic ignition for easy control and use.

Many outdoor heating applications cannot use wall mount infra red gas heaters due to overhead clearance limitations. The SunPhase range of outdoor heaters are the only units in the market with minimal overhead clearance requirements (without the need for some form of heat shield).

The SunPhase outdoor heater has considerably increased design flexibility by only requiring 300mm overhead clearance height at a conventional 30° angle and 500mm clearance for other angles. This is a great advantage for many domestic and commercial al fresco areas.

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For a completely portable appliance, the SP40 Free Standing outdoor heater can be set up outside almost anywhere.

Sunpak Outdoor Heaters

Features of SUNPAK Outdoor Heater:

SUNPAK's radiant sunshine warms people with quiet, gentle heat.

Radiant heat warms people and objects (like chairs and tables) rather than the air.

SUNPAK outdoor heaters are simple to operate, inexpensive to use and easy to maintain.

SUNPAK is AGA certified as a flueless infrared heater suitable for domestic and commercial outdoor and commercial indoor use. All outdoor gas heating units are equipped with spark ignition and 100% shutoff for safety.

SUNPAK's stainless steel enclosure and aluminium face grille provides resistance to the wind. A slim body gives SUNPAK the versatility to fit easily into a wide variety of patio situations.

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Sydney Outdoor HeatingAbout Norwest Gas Pool Heating - Sydney Outdoor Heaters

Norwest Gas, gas heating, gas heaters, outside heating, Parasol, Sunpak, Sunphase, commercial, residential, industrial, applications, Sydney, solutions, hospitality, cafe, NORWEST GAS P/L was established almost twenty years ago. We are licensed Plumbers, Gas Fitters and LP Gas Installers. We are accredited contractors to AGL and AGILITY (now Alinta). Our work covers all aspects of the Gas Industry from domestic installations through to the largest commercial and industrial applications including Sydney Outdoor Heater installations.

Norwest Gas has several years experience in design and installation of Gas Pool Heating systems and Outdoor heating solutions. NORWEST GAS only uses qualified and licensed tradesmen to ensure clients that the highest standard of workmanship will be offered.

Do it once, do it well !

Sydney Outdoor Heating Solutions

Outdoor Heaters from Norwest Gas are stylish and made of high quality materials that ensure durability and reliability.

  • Cost-efficient - Outdoor heaters promote safety and ease of use
  • It can comply with the demands of the outdoor environment
  • Outdoor heaters function without the unwanted fumes and noise
  • Contribute to the enhanced look of the outdoor environment
  • Outdoor heaters promise the best convenience at any kind of weather

Convenience counts to enjoy ideal living. Sydney Outdoor Heaters can promise you the best of what you can possibly have from outdoor heating.

Outdoor heating is the timeliest innovation that can offer warmth and comfort when you need it. Now that the climate changes unexpectedly, we provide the best outdoor heating solutions to make sure that you will be relieved of any inconvenience and go on with your usual ways of living. We are confident that with the outdoor heating solutions we offer, you can make the most of the investment you put on outdoor heaters as you feel warm and comfortable even on the coldest days.

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